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Refund Policy

Refund Policy - UAE Flower Online

1. Any cancellations to the order shall be made before 48 hours of the actual time of delivery to claim refund of the paid amount. No refund shall be made once the 48hr delivery window starts. In case of Courier Products cancellation is not possible if the product is dispatched.

2. Cancellation of order shall be made with mail with Subject: " Cancellation Request" and sent or call +971 54 532 5408. Mail shall contain following details:

  1. Order No.
  2. Cancellation Reason

3. Refund amount will be paid to the original account from customer paid.

4. Refund will be processed through payment Gateway only. It may be take up to 45days for the refund transfer to be completed.

5. Refund shall be made under following conditions.

  1. Order was cancelled
  2. Order was not delivered to the recipient.( This does not include the case for unfounded recipient )

6. In case of Cancellation, 5% charge will be applicable.

7. Any extra amount credited to UAE Flower Online's account may be considered for order enhancement but will not be refundable

8. We can not accept any return & exchage.